Permanent Wave

A perm,  as the name suggests, permanently alters the chemical structure of your hair, and as such, the way you take care of it will need to change too. During your appointment, we will be able to offer advice on how best to do this, and suggest products and methods for getting the best from your new look at home.

Long Hair Perms

For a perm on long hair, you will need a consultation and an analysis of your hairs integrity to ascertain it’s suitability for this chemical process – consultation is £15, deductible from the cost of the perm service – we will give you a quote at the consultation too.

Trim, Perm with Rollers (with Blow Dry extra cost)

We will shampoo your hair with a non-conditioning shampoo in preparation for the perm. After trimming to your desired length, we will wind your hair into plastic perm rods or rollers. Once they are securely in place, applying perm solution to them will break down the disulphide bonds in your hair. We will keep a close eye on it at this stage and once it is at the correct level of processing and moulding, we will rinse and apply a neutralising solution to remove the hydrogen and replace the oxygen, allowing the disulphide bonds to re-form and hold the hair in it’s new shape. After a final rinse, your hair is ready for styling – you can choose to have it blow dried or set on rollers.